Izumi’s big reveal

The face is the mirror of the mind, and eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the heart.❞  

Izumi you're so adorable! Majorly cute! 
Avatar The Last Airbender

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Every part of the fandom will understand how comforting this short tune is.

Me: How does cane become a reed?
Oboe friend 1: Sprinkle fairy dust on it.
Oboe friend 2: Put it in the microwave for two minutes.
Oboe friend 3: It should become a little al dente.
Oboe friend 2: Don't forget the alfredo.
Oboe friend 1: And a sprinkle of sadness.
Oboe friend 3: A dash of insanity.
Oboe friend 2: The blood of your enemies if you're feeling fancy.
How to cure a bad practice day Sam’s way


  1. Put your instrument down.
  2. Walk to another room.
  3. Sit.
  4. Keeping sitting.
  5. Think about nothing.
  6. Get a piece of paper and something to write with. 
  7. Look at the piece of paper.
  8. Observe it’s majestic blank beauty.
  9. Take up your writing utensil and write in HUGE BOLDED LETTERSimage
  10. Look at the words.
  11. Convince your brain that those words are true. Even if you don’t think they are. Let them be true for a little bit.
  12. Now write in HUGE BOLDED LETTERSimage
  13. Look at the words.
  14. Convince yourself they are true. Chant in your mind both of the sentences you just wrote. YOU are great. YOU can do it. YOU are the best.
  15. Stand up. 
  16. Walk back to your instrument.
  17. Pick it up.
  18. Play carelessly. Don’t try to sound good. Don’t try to nail the runs.
  19. Let yourself do the work. You’ve been practicing. You know what to do. Trust yourself.
  20. Enjoy yourself.

makoto in every episode | episode 1: starting block of reunions


what do you mean this isnt what actually happened


CL - 140617 Instagram Update!


CL - 140617 Instagram Update!


Please don’t tell me I am the only one who tought of this…

ALSO YAY FREE! SEASON 2 *does a happy dance*